Avoiding Ticket Scammers

Melbourne & Olympic Parks (M&OP) urges sport and concert goers to protect themselves against illegal ticket scamming and scalping, with resale services and scalpers leaving patrons disappointed and significantly out of pocket.

To keep you protected from ticket scams, we have put together this guide to inform you of the best way to purchase tickets, and what you can do in the event you have purchased fake or scam tickets.

What is ticket scalping?

Ticket scalping is the practice of buying and reselling tickets for a profit.

With new digital marketplaces available on the internet ticket scalping now exists in many forms across re-sale websites such as Ticketmaster Resale and Viagogo, and ‘buy, swap and sell’ sites such as eBay and Gumtree.

Scalpers may use a range of methods to make a profit, including selling tickets at an inflated price, buying tickets and then cancelling them once they have been resold, or making multiple copies of the same ticket.

What can go wrong if I purchase a ticket from a re-seller?

If you have purchased a ticket from an unofficial reseller or through an online marketplace, there is no guarantee that your ticket is valid for entry into the event.

Additionally, in the case the event is cancelled or postponed, you will not be able to access a refund or re-issued ticket through Ticketek or the venue box office.

How do I avoid scalping?

The simplest way to avoid scalping is to only ever purchase tickets from the authorised ticket seller for that event. For all events at M&OP, Ticketek Australia is the authorised seller and official ticketing partner.

We do not recommend purchasing tickets from sites such as Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo, Queenoftickets, eBay, Gumtree, Tickets Australia, Ticket Merchant, Ticker Blaster, TicketBis or any other unauthorised re-sellers.

Avoid using search engines such as Google to find tickets. Scalpers will often use advertising and web pages which look official to trick people into thinking they are visiting the authorised ticket seller’s site.

If you are unsure, the promoter, sports team or artists’ website will always include links to the official ticket seller for their events, and all events listed on the M&OP website will have links through to the relevant page on Ticketek.

Always pay for tickets by credit or debit card where possible, as this will provide you with more protection if something goes wrong with your purchase.

What if the event is sold out, or the tickets I want are coming up as allocation exhausted?

If the event is sold out, or the category of tickets you are after is exhausted, don’t panic.

Sign up to email updates from the artist, promoter and Ticketek, and keep an eye on the venue’s social media pages, as new allocations may become available at a later date.

What do I do if I think my tickets are scalped?

If you think you have purchased tickets that are scalped you should immediately contact the person or website who sold them to you.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to check the validity of a ticket without the original purchaser’s name and details.

What happens if I attend an event with an invalid ticket?

If you attend an event with a ticket purchased through an unofficial reseller you may not be admitted into the event.

You may be able to purchase new tickets for this event at the venue box office, however the event may be sold out or you may not be able to purchase equivalent tickets.

Staff at the box office will not be able to provide you with a refund, or resolve any issues relating to a re-sold, fake or invalid ticket.

How do I lodge a complaint against an unauthorised seller?

If you have an issue with tickets purchased through an unofficial agency, please return to the point of purchase.

Your bank or credit card provider may also be able to provide you with a charge back.

Please be aware that M&OP is unable to check the validity of tickets purchased through any means other than Ticketek Australia.

As such, we are unable to provide any assistance in making a complaint or liaising with your bank.

You can also lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.