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Updated: January, 2020

Please note: The Eastern Plaza Car Park (opposite AAMI Park) will be closed from Monday, January 11 - Wednesday, February 24. Alternative parking options can be found here.

Parking at Eastern Plaza

Eastern Plaza Car Park - 2 Olympic Blvd

Located on the Richmond side of John Cain Arena and directly opposite AAMI Park. You can find it by heading to Entrance D on Olympic Boulevard, which can be found via our map of the precinct

Event Days

Please note: For upcoming events, only pre-booked parking is available in the Eastern Plaza Car Park. You will not be able to drive up without a booking. Pre-book your parking online via this link.

For more information regarding the status of any upcoming events scheduled to be held at our venues (Rod Laver Arena, AAMI Park, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena), please see our website or social media channels, which will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.  

Non-Event Days

Public Parking is currently open subject to space availability in the Eastern Plaza Car Park, however, this is subject to change without notice.

Credit card only payments for parking will be accepted at the boomgates or at pay stations on non-event days (cash payments will not be accepted at this time).

The online booking system for parking spaces is currently not available, however, will become active in the coming weeks for limited parking for December and January events.

Please continue to check the bookings site for availability as dates and spaces will be released weekly.

Alternate parking options can be found below, and there are several public transport options available.

Accessible Parking & Drop Off Areas

Accessible parking is booked through Ticketek on their Accessible Bookings Hotline: (03) 9286 1208.

We’d recommend booking parking in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Reduced mobility guests visiting Rod Laver or Margaret Court Arena by car can be dropped off in the Northern carpark via entrance A (Batman Avenue).

All visitors have 20 minutes to drop off guests to the arena, after which time you may be charged. 

For those with reduced mobility visiting John Cain Arena, there’s a designated drop off zone directly in front of the venue on Olympic Boulevard. 

For AAMI Park, access to the stadium for those with reduced mobility is via Olympic Boulevard – there is no other access. You can see where this is located on the map of the precinct

You can find passenger drop-off areas at entrance E (for gate 5 or 7) and entrance F (for gate 4 or 2). There is strictly no parking – it's drop off only here.

Other Parking Options

If Melbourne & Olympic Parks’ parking is sold out or unavailable, don’t worry - there are other parking options available.  


For Yarra Park/MCG open dates and gate opening times, see the parking schedule


All venues listed below are within 10 minutes' walk to the precinct: 

121 Exhibition Street 

300 Flinders Street 

12-20 Flinders Lane 

Grand Hyatt Melbourne


11 Exhibition Street 

28 Flinders Street 

32 Flinders Street 

172 Flinders Street 

Federation Square 


202 Flinders Lane 


114 Flinders Street 


There are several meter parking options available around the Botanical Gardens and along the Yarra River. 


Can I leave and re-enter if I’ve pre-booked parking? 

Pre-booked parking allows for one entrance and exit per booking. If you take your car out of the car park, your spot might be given to someone else. If you need to re-enter, you’ll be charged the full drive-up amount on the day.  

What should I do if I’ve booked at event rate, but the car park rate displayed is $7.50? 

Enter and exit as normal, but email or call 9286 1575 when possible and leave your contact details. We’ll follow up with you ASAP.  

What time should I make the booking for? 

It’s up to you, but make sure to arrive and leave within an hour of the times you originally booked for. If you don’t, you may be charged an additional fee. Bookings can be made up to 24 hours before the entry time for your event.  

What should I do when I arrive? 

Insert your card at the entry column or tap and go via the pay wave fixture. Your details will be displayed, then your card will be returned, and you’ll be able to drive through. 

What should I do if my details don’t show up? 

If you’ve tried to enter outside of the times shown on your booking, your details won’t show up. Speak to one of our attendants or press the help button if this happens.  

What shall I do when I leave? 

At the exit column, insert your card or tap and go via the pay wave fixture. Grab your card and drive through. 

What should I do if I’ve booked and left the card at home? 

Speak to one of our attendants or press the help button, someone will be able to help you retrieve your booking. 

How can I change the entry or exit time of my booking? 

Log onto the M&OP website and head to the car park booking site. If you’ve registered online, you can log in and modify your booking. If you’ve not got an online account, click on ‘Manage my booking’ and enter your email and booking number to change or cancel your booking. 

Can I book for someone else? 

Yes, not a problem – you can use your credit card to book and state that another card will be used when entering the car park. 

Can I book for an entire season at a time? 

Sorry, that’s not possible. You’ll need to book for every individual game.  

Do I need to print off details about my booking? 

It’s up to you – you don’t need to, but it could be helpful if for any reason there’s a problem with your booking. 

How do I book an accessible spot? 

For accessible bookings, get in touch with Ticketek on their Accessible Bookings Hotel: 03 9286 1208.  

How do I cancel my booking? 

Log onto the M&OP website and head to the car park booking site. If you’ve registered online, you can log in and cancel. If you’ve not got an online account, click on ‘Manage my booking’ and enter your email and booking number to cancel. Paragraph

Just FYI, if you no longer need your booking, you need to cancel at least 24 hours before. Full terms and conditions will walk you through all you need to know about your booking.